Hey, I'm Marco Suarez,

a freelance designer specializing in scaling design for digital products.

I work with companies large and small to shape their visual language, design systems, customer experiences, and even their internal processes to meet any situation at any scale.

And if you're into coffee, I'm also co-founder of Methodical Coffee. A coffee company in Greenville, SC.

How I can help you

Planning and Scoping

My experience isn't just in pushing pixels, but also creating strategies and game plans for summiting mountains. If you need help getting to the heart of a problem, coming up with a game plan for adopting a design system, or turning your product brief into a roadmap, I can help you. Turning ambiguity into goals or distilling ideas into action items is some of my favorite work.


If you’re looking for someone with a deep understanding of design systems, industry best practices, and interface design to come alongside your team and guide them to more refined solutions, I can be there for them. I work with teams through regular check-ins to evaluate their progress, provide feedback, and help their work land in a better place.


If you need a senior level designer to assist with your initiative, I’ll come alongside your team John Stockton style to offer hands on expertise. We’ll establish goals, deliverables, and timelines to keep us on target, on time, and continually delivering value.

Interested in working together? Let's chat.

Companies I've worked with

Design systems consulting

Worked with their design systems team to guide their work and give them confidence that where their work was landing was the right place.

Guideline strategy and content creation

Developed a brand guideline framework for the Facebook company. Restructured the current brand guidelines to conform to the new framework and provided documentation and guidance for future guideline creators.

User experience design

Designed the first version of the e-commerce experience for Toast's point-of-sale systems.

Design systems consulting and design

Systematized the design practice of Bridgewater's Principles product team including the creation of their visual language, standardization of their design components, creation of their shared design libraries, evaluation and migration of their design tools, and documentation their best practices.

A few companies I've worked for


Design systems lead

  • Lead the initiative to create and implement a design system.
  • Produced the visual language, design system components design, and design systems site design.
  • Facilitated working groups to build adoption through ownership.
  • Created a icon system.
  • Wrote guidelines for contributing to the design system.
  • Wrote accessibility guidelines.
  • Conducted research internally to identify areas of improvement within our design process.
  • Facilitated and contributed to the creation of design principles.
  • Created and implemented a new structure for running design critiques.
  • Created and implemented process for design quality assurance.
  • Created process for tracking upcoming and in-progress design work.
  • Created design QA checklist
  • Created design usability considerations.

Staff Product Designer

  • Lead design on design systems.
  • Produced guidelines for iconography, color, and typography.
  • Helped build design systems team and drive adoption.
  • Designed design systems site.
  • Lead initiative to align the online brand with offline brand.
  • Designed and built various marketing landing pages.
  • Produced design variants for testing to optimize key user flows.

Art Director

  • Art directed and designed various marketing landing pages.
  • Facilitated and designed MailChimp Guide to Atlanta.
  • Produced internal org structure site.
  • Redesigned the MailChimp mobile app.
  • Redesigned the MailChimp VIPs app.


For now, view my portfolio via the Google Slide deck I use when presenting my work.

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